A CFFI layer to GTK


GTK-CFFI is a library, providing CFFI layer to GTK3. License is LLGPL for GTK, BSD for GLib and GDK.

GTK interface is mapped like this:

gtk_widget_set_parent(setf (parent widget) new-parent)
gtk_widget_get_parent(parent widget)

Properties realized as (property object :property-name). There are corresponding setters for them. Signals: (gsignal object :signal-name). Value of signal can be name of C function, its address, corresponding keyword or lisp function, including closure.

Add to GtkListStore, I made LispStore. It can be filled much faster, than ListStore.

You may find examples in CVS.

Most complex examples for now:


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Roman Klochkov,


You can browse our CVS repository or download the current development tree via anonymous cvs:

cvs -z3 -d co gtk-cffi

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